Although Aerus offers the best available products in the market place, we rarely find a single product that meets all our requirements straight out of the box. Hence, we have for several years been developing our own in-house software to meet our requirements and the requirements of our clients. We are happy to offer some of this software to resellers and clients across Australia.

Unified Communications

So many devices talk so many languages it can be hard to keep up and make things work together. We have developed a single package that brings all these devices together into a central processing point titled ‘AerusComms’. Every piece of software requiring an interface is built upon AerusComms. This allows us to have a central focus point for everything interface related and benefits any customer with a maintenance agreement as this software is continually updated to support any new interfaces we may develop.

Currently, some of the interfaces available in AerusComms include:

  • Austco Bus
  • Austco Link
  • Ekahau
  • Ethernet TCP
  • Ethernet UDP
  • Inovonics
  • Kirk
  • Lightcall DOS
  • Lightcall Quickpage
  • PET In
  • PET Out
  • Salcom Mk1
  • Salcom Mk2
  • Smartlink
  • Serial
  • Tunstall

Nursecall Software

There are many paging applications available on the market place that support Nursecall. AerusNursecall has one major advantage, it was designed from the ground up for Nursecall. This is not an adaptation of another application, it was not an after thought. AerusNursecall does Nursecall, and it does it very well.

AerusNursecall, like other software written by Aerus is built with AerusComms in mind. The major advantage being, AerusNursecall is just for Nursecall, it doesn’t manage interfaces, it doesn’t care how many com ports you have or how fast your network card is. It simply logs every call, ever made and makes sure the right people know about it at the right time.

On our AerusNursecall drawing board we had some major problems to overcome with existing Nursecall Software in the market place.

AerusNursecall is designed to run all day, every day. Thousands of calls, thousands of messages, escalations, rosters, hundreds of simultaneous users, all at the same time. AerusNursecall barely breaks a sweat, leaving competitive products in the dust, often requiring a potentially dangerous restart.

Theres a whole lot of information being collected in a nursecall system. Yet noone seems to do anything useful with it, and when they try, it looks like rubbish and you can’t understand what you are looking at. AerusNursecall has a simple web interface. Reports are catered to a particular need so you don’t need to filter through the results yourself. You can generate a report straight from your desk. It’s easy.
Would you like a report detailing all calls for a particular room, for every evening between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM for the past week? How about only the calls that took longer than 10 minutes? How about only the calls that were Staff Assists? Are my staff response times better than last month? Not only do we make these reports possible, we make it simple.

Easy to Maintain
Traditional Nurscall systems would have you enter every single detail for every callpoint on the entire system. This can get pretty tedious for a 1,000+ callpoint system and needless to say, human error will inevitably make its way into the system.

AerusNursecall gets around this problem by simply asking you the names of the rooms and wings and all the messages are generated automatically. This means a consistent message format for your staff, a tonne less errors in any installation or updates and saving on labour. Better still, the automated message is completely customisable.

For a Nursecall system that is not restrictive and caters to your needs, you simply cannot do better than AerusNursecall.

AerusPage again extends upon the reliable backbone, AerusComms. AerusPage can also be used in conjunction with AerusNursecall if required. Allowing the user to setup contacts, groups, canned messages and much more. The friendly, great looking interface leaves competing products for dead.

Door Monitor
Remember to switch on those door alarms at 9:00PM every night. Now, you don’t have to, because Door Monitor will turn all alarms on and off at whichever time you desire. Using a simple interactive touch screen interface. Door Monitor allows you to disable and enable doors with the tip of your finger. Door Monitor also gives the user a visual alert of which door as been opened and maps it on the screen, especially handy for casual or temp staff.