Location Tracking

Expensive mobile equipment can often go missing, stolen or lost. Some buinesses purchase more of an expensive item simply so there is a surplus around and are more likely to have one available. What if you could locate every device in your building, or even better, locate the closest one? Ideal? Yes. Possible? Absolutely.


Ekahau is a world leader in Real-Time Location Tracking Systems (RTLS). By utilising Wi-Fi infrastructure, the software developed by Ekahau can accurately locate any supporting Wi-Fi device. Aerus Technologies has partnered with Ekahau and is the only development partner in Australia (as at Jun 2010) to offer a complete Ekahau solution from start to finish.

Aerus has developed graphical software for accurately representing the location of a ‘Tag’ registered with the Ekahau system, titled Asset Monitor. Asset Monitor, via the display on screen is able to show you exactly where your equipment is as well as the closest item.

By simply selecting the item you are after on the touchscreen, you will be presented with the location of all items matching your selection and the closest one to you will be highlighted.

Is a piece of your equipment leaving the building by itself? Be notified immediately and have security automatically dispatched to the same exit the equipment is located.

By simply using an Asset Tracking solution developed by Aerus Technologies, your business could save hundreds of thousands a year via increased efficiency and minimising theft.