Duress systems and their use have for a long time been inaccurate, impractical and prone to faults. In our exprience as Duress System Providers, we have offered and installed the best available duress systems and watched them evolve over time. Only recently in 2009 did we find the answer to everyones problems.


Ekahau is a world leader in Real-Time Location Tracking Systems (RTLS). By utilising Wi-Fi infrastructure, the software developed by Ekahau can accurately locate any supporting Wi-Fi device. Aerus Technologies has partnered with Ekahau and is the only development partner in Australia (as at Jun 2010) to offer a complete Ekahau solution from start to finish.

Aerus has developed graphical software for accurately representing the location of a distress call generated by the Ekahau system, titled Duress Monitor. Duress Monitor is capable of interpreting what type of call is generated, the location of the call, the time of the call and who triggered the call. The software displays the call, generates an audible alarm and can then send for help via a paging or dect messaging system.

Some of the benefits provided by this system are immediately obvious compared to other Duress systems currently on the market place.

  • Can identify who triggered the alarm
  • No need to point the device at a receiver
  • Accurately locate position to within 2 metres
  • Self fault monitoring

Finally, a Duress System you can have confidence in and is always working. Count on Aerus to source the best products on offer and make them available to the people in need.