Aerus Technologies has specialised in Nursecall for over 20 years, servicing more than half the aged care and health sector for Nursecall solutions in Tasmania.

Over this period of time, Aerus has developed an appreciation for the work undertaken in these sectors and now not only distribute Nursecall technology, but also develop and innnovate new technology to meet the requirements of our clients.

Some of our Nursecall products are listed below, for more information, please contact us.



AerusNursecall is a giant step in Nursecall management. Taking advantage of the latest technologies, you can generate a report from any computer on the network. The reporting functionality is constantly growing from client requests and is presented in a clean, informative view which can be printed, saved or bookmarked for your ease of use.

This truly is exceptional software that no Aged Care facility serious about their duty of care can be without.


I-Care has been our staple Nursecall software for the past 5 years and has provided many benefits over its predecessors. If you have an existing I-Care installation, we can certainly help with configuration and optimisation of the software to ensure maximum operability. If you are looking for new Nursecall software however, we would recommend AerusNursecall.



Lightcall is an exceptional Nursecall system, developed in Victoria, Australia. Installed all across the nation, Lightcall is highly regarded for its dependability, providing features such as self fault monitoring, star configuration and ease of expansion.

In combination with AerusNursecall, you have at your disposal a dependable, reliable nursecall system second to none.