Wireless Networking

Quickly over the past decade, Wireless Networking has evolved to the point of being a staple part of any building infrastructure. Aerus Technologies is now making the most of this technology and bringing it to our clients across all our clients industries.

D-Link Enterprise Wireless

D-Link is a world leader in all facets of networking. In 2007, D-Link entered the Wireless Networking for Enterprise arena with its line of DWL Access Points and wireless servers. Offering enterprise level security and lightning fast wireless bandwidth at an affordable price, making scalability not just an option, but an inevitability.

Focusing on the future, D-Link is already phasing out its 11g only range of networking products and focusing on 11n, the newest and fastest wireless protocol that is on par with most wired networking solutions.

Aerus Technologies has recognised D-Link as a world leader in technology and end user support. Aerus have specifically targeted them as a supplier for our industry specific applications to ensure minimum downtime, maximum throughput, and superior quality of service.

If you are considering Cordless Telephony, Wi-Fi Networking or Location Tracking, consider a customised solution by Aerus Technologies.